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Change in Hours

Due to increased costs of goods and services (particularly the cost of gasoline) we are temporarily changing our schedule. Effective immediately, our schedule will be as follows:
Mondays: Dr. Jim 9-noon, 2-5pm
Tuesdays: Dr. Kara 9-noon, 2-7pm
Wednesdays: Dr. Jim 9-noon, 2-7pm
Thursdays: Dr. Kara 9-noon, 2-5pm
Fridays: Closed

Mondays: Dr. Kara 9-noon, 2-5pm
Tuesdays: Dr. Jim 9-noon, 2-7pm
Wednesdays: Dr. Kara 9-noon, 2-7pm
Thursdays: Dr. Jim 9-noon, 2-5pm
Fridays: Closed

We hope this change will be temporary, but we will continue to evaluate the situation. We thank you for your understanding during these trying times. ~Dr. Jim, Dr. Kara and staff.

At Dr. James Spencer Jr. Chiropractic Center PLC, it is our vision that every person who walks through the doors of our clinic will walk out with a positive change in their lives. When this happens we will realize the vision of creating a healthier community where everyone is functioning at their fullest potential. True health is not a lack of pain or disease, but the correction of the underlying causes. The human body has an amazing capacity for healing. Our job is to remove interference on the nervous system and allow the body to function at its full healing ability. We want to be healthcare partners with our patients, and improve the quality of their day to day lives by allowing them to experience better health through chiropractic.

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